Unintentional Deception - My True Story

Hiding my secret Cold War experiences from my family, the KGB, and organized crime.

Unitentional Deception

A young man from the Midwest enters the military not expecting to encounter life-altering experiences that would leave him living in a world he thought only existed in movies. The naïve decisions he makes when deployed to Europe during the Cold War era of the late 1960s threaten his highly sensitive, top-secret military job. He finds his moral values tested as he sinks deeper into the activities of the black market. His actions put him, along with his young wife in danger from Soviet KGB agents on the one hand and the mafia on the other. In an effort to keep anyone from discovering his secret life, he must make choices that strain his sense of right and wrong. These actions drag him even further into the world of foreign agents and organized crime. With a threat of physical violence hanging over his head, he searches for a way out of his dilemma. A life of secrecy appears to be the only option available for him to keep his wife safe.


The author is a retired mathematics instructor living with his wife in central Wisconsin. They spend their time visiting grandchildren or relaxing at their northern Wisconsin cabin. This novel is based on experiences prior to and during my military service. Vulnerability of people in compromising situations provided the motivation to write this story